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Dog DNA Testing: Part 2

Ellie the super-mutt!

Finally, the DNA test results have arrived at the Trupanion office!

We patiently waited about 10 weeks to find out Ellie’s breed. The website said it would take 4-6 weeks, so there was a bit of a delay. Being busy with many other things at Trupanion, I didn’t mind the extra wait, but after a quick visit to the company’s Facebook page, I could tell that other customers were not quite as patient.

Anyway, the test was laid out in three sections. Primary, Secondary, and “In the mix”. Any breeds that appear in the Primary category typically signify that your pet is half or quarter purebred. The secondary category was described as “breeds that might be easily recognizable within your dog” and the last category are bits and pieces of DNA that came up for other breeds which may not be apparent by looking at your dog.

According to this test, Ellie is a super-mutt because she had no results in the Primary or Secondary categories!

And “in the mix”, we had English Coonhound, Rottweiler and Pug! Can you see it?

Positives: It was easy to use and interesting to see the results. The company also sent me a personalized e-mail before the test arrived to prepare me for what I would be receiving which was nice.

Negatives: It took a very long time for the test to come back because they were behind in their processing. Also, they only have 100 or so breeds in their system so if your dog is a rarer breed or happens to be mixed with one that is not in the system, then you will receive pretty vague results.

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