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Football and Sports Pets: Honorable Mentions

For this week’s giveaway, we recognized football season and had you send in pictures of your pets wearing football jerseys or playing their favorite sport. They were all so cute that I’m glad that it was a random drawing to determine the winner because we never would have been able to pick just one!

Bella sent in by Nicole S.
Hazel sent in by Brett G.
Chubby sent in by Erik M.
Colonel sent in by Amanda R.
Dutch sent in by Denny L.
Frankie sent in by Valerie P.
Pug in New York Jets sweatshirt
Gus sent in by Lindsey S.
lab puppy in Florida Gators jersy
poodle in Florida gators jersy
Harley sent in by Marti L.
Leah sent in by Jessica S.
Leo sent in by Jennifer R.
Lilo’s favorite sport is wrestling! Sent in by Carolynn V.
Maximus sent in by Terri D.
Mayzie sent in by Amber C.
poodle in kentucky basketball jersy
Misty and Waylon sent in by Michael D.
cute dog in New York Giants jersy
Ozzy sent in by Jo T.
cute dog in New York Giants jersy
Riley sent in by Liz C.
Weimaraner in Kansas City Chiefs jersy
Starr sent in by Jeremy B.

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