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Guest Post: Protect Your Cat During Thanksgiving

The following post comes from our regular guest blogger Caren. Check out more of her musings at Cat Chat.

Thanksgiving is a delicious time of year for we humans but in can be a deadly time of year for our precious little fur babies. I poked around the Internet and found some excellent pointers on keeping our kitties safe and out of the emergency vet on Thanksgiving and throughout the entire holiday season. Please take a moment to read them, you will give thanks that you did!

1) Do not allow access to counter tops/ranges. The delicious smell of turkey and other goodies can be tempting to your cat.  There is a huge danger of the hot foods or hot stove causing a cat’s tail or fur to catch on fire.

2) Dispose of the turkey string-where the cat cannot get it! Same goes for the plastic turkey wrapping. A cat eating either of these items can require life-saving surgery.

3) Keep Cats Away From The Fireplace & Candles! I learned that the hard way in reference to candles. My first cat “Bobo” used to stand on the arms of chairs. I had a candle on top of our console TV and when poor Bobo went to turn,  his tail caught on fire. Luckily I scared him into jumping off the arm rest (thankfully I was in the room) and was able to “clap” his poor tail to put out the fire. He was completely fine but I learned a valuable lesson. I could have had a fried or tail-less cat and an apartment destroyed by a fire!

4) Turkey. I once heard from a former vet that I went to in Cleveland, Ohio that turkey was not good at all for a male cats’ urinary tract. Has anyone else ever heard this? If you want to feed your cat some turkey give it just a little nibble, make sure it is well cooked and boneless!!

5) Sage. This herb and many others contain “essential oils and resins that can cause gastrointestinal upset and central nervous system depression to pets if eaten in large quantities”. (this info came from “The Cat’s Meow” on Catster)

6) Macadamia Nuts, Raisins and Grapes, Onions, Garlic, and Chocolate. These can cause everything from tremors, to kidney failure, to death.

If you are entertaining a large group and you will be unable to pay much attention to your cat(s) my advice is to put him in a separate room (where no guests will be entering). Be sure you provide  food, water, litter, a comfortable place to sleep and some toys. This will keep your kitty calm and away from all of the noise of the holiday celebration (which most cats hate) and  it will keep him away from poking, prodding, tail-pulling children, etc. It will make you both feel safe and secure! You, because you won’t have to worry about what your cat is getting into and your kitty because he will have peace and quiet!!

Let’s all give thanks for all of the wonderful Guardian Kitty Angels who once shared our lives and our Earth Kitties who  are currently allowing us to share theirs and who are thankful for our never-ending devotion and protection!

Have a purr-fectly safe, happy, blessed and delicious Thanksgiving!

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