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Pet Insurance Protects Against High Vet Costs

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Pet insurance helps pay for increased veterinary costs.

I was recently sent a story that was published on King 5 that brought up the subject of how much pet owners are willing to pay to save their pet’s life. While the story was actually published months ago, it is still a very active point of discussion today.

The article told of a dog owner who brought her beloved ‘Twiggy’ to the Oregon State University animal hospital for a very special – and very expensive – procedure. The procedure was needed to save the dog’s life and would cost approximately $6,000. Twiggy’s owners said that they were more than willing to pay the cost, and would pay more if that is what it took. They are quoted as saying, “I’d sell the house. I’d eat Top Ramen for the next five years. Whatever it took.”

Many of us feel this way about our dogs and cats. We would do anything to make sure they have the best quality of life for as long as possible. And with advancements in veterinary care, it’s becoming easier and easier to find valid options.

But $6,000 is a lot of money, and especially with the state of our economy, can be difficult for many families to pay. That is where pet insurance can help. Instead of heavy-heartedly declining the life-saving procedure, or going thousands of dollars into debt, you can make the easy choice and just say, “Yes, do the procedure, whatever it takes,” knowing you have the security of pet insurance to cover the cost.

Has your pet needed advanced veterinary procedures? What has your experience been?

Read the full story on King 5 here.

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