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National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

Trupanion celebrates National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

The week of November 7 – 13 is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week! Basically, this week is the week to acknowlege and promote the role shelters play in our communities.

I am very supportive of our animal shelters, and our local humane society here in Seattle is where I adopted my first dog, which led me down the life-changing path of falling in love with a pet. I am now completely owned by my two very spoiled shelter dogs and wouldn’t change it for the world!

In honor of NASAW, I thought I would share some of the benefits of animal shelters.

1. Adopted pets tend to form strong bonds with adoptive families. Since many shelter pets come from unstable environments, they are that much more appreciative of a family that shows them the love and attention they deserve.

2. Shelter pets are already spayed and neutered. You won’t have to worry about the expense and recovery time associated with spaying or neutering your new pet, and you won’t have to worry about unplanned pregancies or any of the other health issues associated with unaltered pets.

3. The cost of adopting a pet from a shelter is usually much less than the cost of buying a pet from a breeder. And you can likely find purebred pets in shelters, if that is something that is of importance to you.

4. You get to applaud yourself for helping the pet overpopulation problem, not contributing to it. (And others will applaud you as well!)

5. Mature shelter pets already have their personality and physical characteristics solidified, so you know what exactly you are getting yourself in to. These pets likely also have some basic training under their belts.

Do you own a shelter pet? What is your experience?

*Photo courtesy of The Humane Society of Seattle/King County

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