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Pet Health Concerns: Central Progressive Retinal Atrophy (CPRA)

Central progressive retinal atrophy, or CPRA, is a genetic disease often seen in dogs and very rarely in cats. Beagle dog breeds are most commonly seen with this condition. This condition causes the retinal cells of the eye to degenerate, leading to vision loss. Symptoms of CPRA may include personality changes, dilated pupils, decrease in light pupil reflex, and the pet may be hesitant to go in dark areas. Diagnosis is determined via a few diagnostic teats such as a retinoscopic exam, electroretinogram, and genetic blood tests. Unfortunately there is no current treatment or cure for this condition. Central progressive retinal atrophy can eventually lead to complete and irreversible blindness.

To learn more about Central Progressive Retinal Atrophy (CPRA) in pets, check out our Pet Health Concerns Guide. By enrolling your pet with Trupanion pet insurance, your cat or dog’s policy will include coverage for diagnostic tests, medications, surgeries, hereditary and congenital disorders, as long as treatment for a certain condition is required after enrolling and is not pre-existing.

Has your pet ever been diagnosed with this condition? If so, we’d love to hear from you and any comments, advice, experiences, of thoughts on this condition.

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