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Pet Health Concerns: Crossed Eyes

Crossed eyes is a condition that occurs not only to humans, but pets as well. This condition is most commonly seen in Balinese cats breeds and Boston Terrier dog breeds. With this genetic condition,  the eyes deviate towards the nose. Also known as strabismus, this condition causes an animal to be cross-eyed due to muscle attachments to the eyes having improper lengths or strengths. Treatment is not quite necessary for this condition because  it does not adversely affect the pet’s quality of life.

To learn more about crossed eyes in pets, check out our Pet Health Concerns Guide. By enrolling your pet with Trupanion pet insurance, your cat or dog’s policy will include coverage for diagnostic tests, medications, surgeries, hereditary and congenital disorders, as long as treatment for a certain condition is required after enrolling and is not pre-existing.

Has your pet ever been diagnosed with this condition? If so, we’d love to hear from you and any comments, advice, experiences, of thoughts on this condition.

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