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Pets of the Week: Kittens

Kittens that need a home

Though I have been featuring pets in the order that they were nominated, this one seemed a bit more timely so I decided to make an exception this once. Our Pets of the Week are two sweet kittens.

Dear Trupanion,

These precious little kitties came from the pound.  They were scheduled to be put to sleep if no one took them home.  I took them home with me as fosters.  They look very different because of their green almond shaped eyes.  They are very loving and want to be your best friend.  They also have the softest hair.  These kitties look like they have a tuxedo on.  So very pretty and very loving.  “Please vote for me as Pet of the Week.”  I need exposure so some wonderful family will adopt us.

If you know anyone who would be interested in adopting these kitties, please contact Linda at

We feature a Pet of the Week (sometimes multiple pets at once if a whole “pet family” is nominated) every Tuesday afternoon. We love seeing pictures and hearing your stories, so if you’d like to nominate your pet, please send a bio and picture(s) to

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