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Thanksgiving Honorable Mentions

We received so many wonderful entries for this week’s short giveaway. Some of them even brought me to tears! I want to let you know that even though they are not all posted on this page, we did read every single entry and appreciate the amazing gift that all of your pets bring to you.
Here are a few honorable mentions:

Walter the kitten, sent in by Roxanne B.

I’m thankful for my 4 cats for teaching my 3 year old son about compassion and caring for all God’s creatures. As part of his art project today at preschool today he was asked what he was thankful for and he answered “my kitty cats”! – Fara N.

I’m thankful for my 4-legged friends because they remind me to take advantage of all the moments available for play, for basking in the sun, and for making someone smile simply by being goofy:-) – Jeanne J.

I’m so thankful for my dog, Finn he shows me everyday all the love he has for our family. Adopting him was life changing in the best way. No one makes me smile like my dog. – Celeste

When I first read your question about why you are thankful for your pet, I started to laugh. Abbey, our year and a half old puppy, is not really the kind of dog you are immediately thankful for. She’s certainly not the calm, quiet, well-behaved puppy we were hoping for when we adopted her! I had grand plans to try out agility, get our Canine Good Citizen, and participate in therapy programs for kids. Ha! That was not in the cards.

Sent in by Karin A.

But on reflection, we have much to be thankful for when it comes to our little mutt. I’ve never had a dog with such a sense of humour…or one who is so cuddly and snuggly. She’s always interested in what my husband and I are doing, even if it is just folding clothes out of the dryer, like we do every week. She’s taught us to be patient and to welcome the little baby step improvements that we see in her behaviour. Most of all, she is night and day different from my last dog, who I lost in 2008. That may be what I’m most thankful for – Abbey is such a different soul that it is impossible to compare her to any other dog I’ve ever had. I’m very thankful for her unique way of being. Even with all her difficulties, she brings so much love and laughter to our lives! – Marina

These are just a few of the many great stories we received. We wish you all a wonderful holiday and weekend!

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