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Trupanion Wins ‘Most Unusual Perk’ from

Not only did Trupanion win the title of “Most Pet-Friendly Company” in Seattle from, we also won the title of “Most Unusual Perk“! We are lucky enough to be able to protect our pets with pet insurance for free as a benefit to working for such a pet-oriented company. This is what NWJobs had to say:

Here’s one you definitely don’t hear every day: full health insurance coverage not only for employees, but also for the employees’ pets. But it makes sense that Trupanion, a provider of medical insurance for pets, would offer such a benefit to its employees. “It’s a great perk, knowing that if any accident or illness occurred, our pets/furry companions are covered,” one staffer says. Employees here bring their pets–cats and dogs alike–to work with them every day, where their fun-filled days are spent running around with their other four-legged pals in the enclosed courtyard of the company’s Ballard offices, lounging in their owners’ cubicles and even napping on top of the desks. And if you asked the dogs, they might tell you about another great perk: a dog walker who comes by to take them out to go exploring.

We are so excited to be recognized by for this unusual, and incredibly beneficial, employee perk!

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