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Update on Nacho, Dog Hit By Cars

We are excited to share this update about Nacho the dog’s progress. He was recently featured as a pet insurance claim of the week.

Nacho with his legs in casts

We are happy to report that Nacho came home from the hospital last week and he’s been in really good spirits, gaining weight and walking around the house just like his normal self… only on 3 legs for now.  He’s had 3 surgeries, one to do an FHO on his hip as his hip was dislocated, 2 skin grafts, a skin flap, and knee surgery to repair his dislocated knee.

Sleepy dog

He’s been quite the trooper through it all, wagging his tail every time “Mom and Dad” came for a visit in hospital.  He just had his final skin graft last week and we hope that this will be the final step in his recovery, now it will just be bandage changes every few days until his leg heals for good.

I’ve attached a couple pictures, some he looks really sad but I think he’s just camera shy!

Thanks again for everything you and your team at Trupanion have done for us, we wouldn’t have ever been able to do any of this if we didn’t have insurance with Trupanion, Nacho is happy about it too!

Nacho is getting better!

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4 Responses to Update on Nacho, Dog Hit By Cars

  1. Joe says:

    Yay Nacho!!

  2. suzanne andrews says:

    Hang in there Nacho the worse is over and make sure you get lot’s of kisses from your mummy.I bet she is very happy that you survived your accident I am too.I’ll be thinking of you take care….:)

  3. Gwen says:

    Good to see you recovering so well. Blessing to you and healing thoughts are sent to you as well. You are quite the handsome guy!!!

  4. Jessica says:

    Thanks everyone! Each day is better and better 🙂

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