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Getting a New Pet? Make Sure It Matches Your Family!

When it comes to be that time when you’re ready to add a new furry member to the family, there are a few things to take into consideration. While there are many important things to investigate before adopting a puppy, this article will focus on your lifestyle and what type of breed and pet is best for you and your family.

An article from the St. Petersburg Times provided lots of great tips!

What kind of family are you?

If you are extremely active and enjoy running, then a Border Collie or Abyssinian would make a wonderful dog or cat. The Border Collie is very athletic, energetic and thrives on outdoor work. The Abyssinian cat, meanwhile, is busy, active, agenda-driven and friendly.

Is your family outdoorsy? Then the Labrador Retriever, the most popular dog breed in America according to AKC registration statistics, may be right for you. Labs are playful, loving and hardworking and do best in an active family. Cats are basically indoor creatures, but the Cornish Rex is active, racy and affectionate, and even will play fetch with you indoors.

Those with pet allergies can have pets too! Some pet breeds don’t shed or produce as much dander such as the Portugese Water Dog, Poodle, or Maltese. Cats include the Sphynx which is a hairless cat and the Colorpoint Shorthair which has very little dander.

The last tip mentioned is to consider the size of your living space. With limited space, it might be best to choose a toy dog breed or more mellow dog breed. One example is the Yorkshire Terrier which has a big personality but doesn’t require too much space and exercise. Exotic cats also fare well in smaller living spaces as they are playful, yet easygoing and quiet.

Finally, if you’ve got a big yard and can handle a pet with lots of energy, then you may consider bringing home a sporting dog breed like a Golden Retriever. They are energetic and active and very intelligent. For cats, the article recommends the Russian Blue because they “are intelligent and affectionate, and have even been reported to open doors and teach their owners to fetch!”


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