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Guest Post: Saving on Pet Costs

The following is a guest post written by the Administrator of The Financial Times. On his blog he provides many money saving tips & tricks.

A high standard of living and lack of job security makes the job of the pet owner difficult. Once you adopt a pet it becomes a part of your family and it’s the responsibility of the owner to care for the animal. So, if you are thinking of dropping your pet at the shelter, then you would be doing injustice to the poor lone soul. Rather, this article would suggest some smart tips on pet care cost.

  1. In order to lower the cost of pet care there are few things that you need to keep in mind to give maximum care at minimum expenses. Veterinary care can drill a hole in your pocket as dogs and cats require regular trips to the vet for wellness care. Vaccinations at regular intervals can help prevent a more costly condition down the road. And there are even a few animal lover groups that organize camps at low cost veterinary clinics for pet owners like Humane Societies and SPCAs.
  2. Internet and library books can save the expense of training your dogs and cats. Try to train your pet yourself in order to strengthen the bond between you and the new member of your family.
  3. Look for a dealer that can provide you with lower rates on food, dishes and treats. You might get useful information from different websites. Try to visit stores that give pet stuffs on discount. Buying things from whole sellers can help to save some cash as well as dividing your expenses with a friend would be profitable for you.
  4. If you are keen to save money then try to be more creative. Use your old socks to make a ball for your pet. Stuff the socks with some extra socks then tie a knot at the neck of the stuffed area. Your dog would love to play with its new toy.

What are some creative ways you have saved money on your pets?

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