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Office Petiquette: Calming an Antsy Dog

I recently posted an update about our office pet guidelines and how we were lucky to have a pet trainer come and talk to us. This week, I would like to recount some of her tips relating to antsy dogs. Unfortunately, not all of our dogs are perfect here in the Trupanion office. Some of them whine while their owners are away in meetings which was a topic that came up during our training session.

How to deal with a whining dog

If your pet whines while you are away, it’s because that’s all he knows to do. Our trainer suggested to alter his thought processes with really awesome treats. Save a stuffed Kong or really yummy, special treats just for these occasions and don’t give them to your pet on any other occasion except when you’re gone. Before you leave, give your pet that awesome treat or toy. Rather than thinking, “waah, mom/dad just left me,” he will think “Wow, look what I got! Mom/dad you should go away more often!”

This is just one way to distract and pacify your dog while you’re away.

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