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Office Petiquette: Valuable Resources

One thing that’s important to be aware of for any situation involving multiple dogs is the way that they view resources.

Some treats, toys, and food are viewed as very high value, so a dog will do everything it can to hold onto this resource and guard it. If another dog tries to take a high-value toy away, it could turn into a fight.

To prevent scuffles, it’s very important to be aware of the dogs’ behavior. If a dog has a certain toy and another dog is carefully watching the toy, then he could be waiting for his opportunity to steal it. If you notice this type of behavior, it’s best just to take the toy away and save it for when the dog is alone.

Another note to mention is treats. Sometimes people want to give a treat to a bunch of dogs in a group. This is fine, but you must be careful when doing so. If you have a handful of treats and expect all of the dogs to come and get them from your hand at the same time, it could turn into a scuffle. Instead, make each dog sit with enough space apart from each other so that they won’t feel threatened that another dog is going to try and steal its treat. For example, if you have two dogs, make them sit on either side of you and feed them treats simultaneously so that they are only focused on their treat and not what the other guy got.

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