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Office Petiquette: Your Pet Doesn’t Love All Other Pets

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It may come as a shock to you, but your pet, no matter how social you think it is, does not love all other pets. This was something that really hit home with me during our office pet training session.

Just like people, our pets do not get along with all other pets. There may be some pets with which they are great buddies, others that they tolerate, and others that they just don’t like. My dog Ellie is a great example, because she seemed like such a social dog when I first adopted her, but I later realized that she gets very annoyed by hyperactive puppies. You know, the ones that keep jumping and jumping, “wanna play? wanna play?”

So the next time you try to put your dog or cat in a room with another pet, don’t expect them to get along famously right off the bat. They just might not be compatible!

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