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Pet Health Concerns: Cruciate Ligament Rupture

Cruciate ligament ruptures are the rupturing or tearing of the cruciate ligaments, located in the limbs. Cruciate ligaments allow a great range of motion and if they rupture, they will cause walking instability. Diagnosing a cruciate ligament rupture can be done by examining the way that your pet walks and checking for any instability. In order to fix a torn cruciate ligament, the pet must undergo surgery. During surgery, the veterinarian will open up  the knee joint to remove pieces of the torn ligament while checking for any damage. The joint will then be restructured and repaired so that the animal can get back to normal use of the ligament. If this ligament rupture is not treated and the dog weighs over 20 pounds, it can cause permanent damage. If less than 20 pounds, surgery may not necessarily be needed, but your vet should examine the severity in order to determine what method of treatment is best.

To learn more about Cruciate Ligament Rupture in pets, check out our Pet Health Concerns Guide. By enrolling your pet with Trupanion, your cat or dog’s policy will include coverage for diagnostic tests, medications, surgeries, hereditary and congenital disorders, as long as treatment for a certain condition is required after enrolling and is not pre-existing.

See an example pet insurance claim for a torn cruciate.

Has your pet ever been diagnosed with this condition? If so, we’d love to hear from you and any comments, advice, experiences, of thoughts on this condition.

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