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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Acute Renal Failure

Looking through the claims report this week, it was interesting to see that among the top claims paid, two of them were for the same pet. These are two of three claims that were recently paid for Tucker, a Golden Retriever puppy (less than 4 months old) who recently had issues with renal failure.

Tucker had to be rushed to the emergency vet and be hospitalized for six days! He received blood tests and treatment included a series of medications and monitoring his health over time. He recently went in for a recheck and it appears that his health is more stable.

Pet insurance claim amount (two claims): $4,948.97
Deductible applied: -$0.00
Exam fee: -$90.00
10% co-pay: -$485.90
Trupanion repaid: $4,373.07

Tucker was enrolled with pet insurance less than two months ago which goes to show how beneficial it can be. You never know when something could happen!

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