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Pet of the Week: Toonces

Toonces' bed face

My dog Toonces is an 8.5 year old rescue who came to me via a wonderful non-profit ER / ICU animal hospital in Portland Oregon, DoveLewis.  While they are not a rescue organization, she was brought in hours from death due to a sever infection in her mouth and the vet made a decision to save her.

Toonces' intake photo

She had not eaten in at least a week and was severely infected with sores in her mouth and throat.  The owners had let the infection and suffering get to the point where she had only hours left if not treated but rather than treat her they just wanted to put her down.  The attending vet did not believe there was any reason to put her to sleep and that her condition was treatable but the owners did not want to proceed with treatment so he convinced the owners to sign her over to him permanently.  They did so and she received the immediate care she needed.  She had ten teeth pulled, was on a feeding tube for 2+ weeks and many weeks of medications and steroids.

Her previous owners had her parents also so we know her mix: Yorkie and Lhasa Apso.  They had also been using her to breed which caused her to have at least two emergency c-sections.  She was rescued from her owners in January 2010 and came to live with me at the end of February.  She is a whopping 4lbs and the happiest dog you have ever met.  She is completely healthy and looks and acts just like a puppy.  She comes most places with me and loves riding in her furry pink bag.

I am on the Ambassador board with DoveLewis and truly believe and support the work they do for animal lovers and the community.

PS: her name was Tootsie when we got her but it has morphed to Toonces after “Toonces, the driving cat” from an early 90’s SNL skit.  🙂

Thanks for loving her as much as I do!

— Maia C.

Thank you Maia for sending in this wonderful rescue story and I’m so glad to hear that Toonces has found such a happy home!

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