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Seattle Pet Stores Take the Puppy Pledge

The Humane Society of the United StatesSixty pet stores in the Seattle area have taken a pledge not to sell puppies in their store. Instead, these pet stores will support local animal adoption programs and provide literature that helps customers learn how to locate a reputable dog breeder.

This ‘puppy pledge’ helps put an end to puppy mills, large scale breeding operations that are known for supplying pet stores. These ‘breeders’ keep dogs in unspeakable conditions, breeding them over and over again to meet demand. This overbreeding and inbreeding leads to suffering, disease, malnutrition, and loneliness. Even the puppies themselves are prone to a variety of illnesses. Some die within days or weeks of purchase.

Some of the pet stores in Western Washington who have taken the ‘puppy pledge’ include:

Want to make sure you are shopping in a store that has taken the pledge? Look for a placard proclaiming, “We love puppies; that’s why we don’t sell them,” that each store receives when they pledge.

Read the full story on King 5 News here.


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