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Tru Hero Finalist – Buddy

You never won a race,
You never saved a life,
You never won a dog show,
You weren’t great at ‘fetch’…
And, you certainly weren’t the most obedient.

But you had a heart of gold…
and the sweetest nature.
You were wise beyond your years.
Always loyal, giving your love unconditionally.
Even when you were young, your eyes
revealed a beautiful ‘old soul’.

And, although you were big, you were always gentle…
even with Ziggy, the bunny with the twisted neck.
And Blaze, the stray kitten who found
the warmth of your tummy her new comfort zone.
Even when one of us would accidentally step on you, you were never angry, always laid back…you knew we didn’t mean it.

Buddy, you’re our Tru Hero because:
While some people said,
“But she’s JUST a dog”!
Little did they know that you were an Angel…
Sent to watch over us.
Our son, Justin, as he grew up,
My husband, Frank, as he grew older,
And me, when I was sick.
You never left my bedside
during three long years.

And when ‘Vini’, another dog, entered our lives,
you let her in with your inimitable dignity and grace
and became her best friend and mighty protector.
You took it in stride when you had
to share your car rides and your treats
and your toys and our love with your new friend.

No, you weren’t “JUST a Dog”
You were an ‘ANGEL’ in disguise.

As one friend said, “If more people were like Buddy,
what a wonderful, beautiful world it would be!”

We thank the good Lord for sharing you
with us for ten wonderful years!
Your gentle soul left this earth on January 25, 2010
but we know you are still watching over us, as you did while here on earth.

Yes, sweet Buddy, you are our Tru Hero
and we miss you dearly!

Author’s note: Probably everyone has had a ‘’Buddy’ in their lives if they have ever owned, and consequently loved, an animal. This is written as a tribute to all those wonderful animals who provide unconditional love and loyalty, never asking for anything in return, for they are all Tru Heroes!

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28 Responses to Tru Hero Finalist – Buddy

  1. Linda Terry says:

    I want to vote for Buddy to win!

  2. Angela Turner says:


  3. Frank NEMIA says:

    Buddy was a blessing…I vote for Buddy!

  4. Lindy Riegal says:

    I vote for Buddy 🙂

  5. Shirley Simon says:

    I vote for Buddy – how could you not – what a beautiful tribute.

  6. Frank Nemia II says:

    Buddy was the best dog ever. His tribute poem is accurate in all respects.

  7. Marilyn Bruland says:

    Buddy was just that a real Buddy. I vote for Buddy!

  8. Colleen Paddock says:

    I vote for Buddy too … not only was she the sweetest dog – just look at that face!!! How do you not vote for that face!???

  9. Sally Fionte says:

    I was fortunate to know Buddy. She was everything
    her mom has written, and more. I’m voting for her,
    and I hope everyone who has ever been loved by a dog, will too.

  10. Nancy K says:

    That was amazing – I vote for Buddy.

  11. Charlotte Griffith says:

    I vote for Buddy!!!!!!! WTG girl

  12. I happen to have known Buddy and she was the BEST DOG EVER I VOTE TOR BUDDY-TEDDY STRATES says:

    I vote for buddy

  13. Bernadette Duthcer says:

    I vote for Buddy!!!! Awesome Dog….:0)

  14. Mirella Fernandez says:

    what a fitting and beautiful poem about Buddy, he was a tru friend

  15. Diana Oliver says:

    I’m voting for Buddy!!! She was one of the greatest dogs I have ever known. She loved her family and everyone she met. And….she helped teach hundreds of students how to groom a dog. She loved them all and never got upset if a student made a mistake. She just gave them a big slurpy Buddy kiss and wagged her tail.

  16. Joan M. Olson says:

    Buddy was my grandpup. She didn’t have a mean bone in her body. Always wagging her tail, always giving wet kisses, always dog breath…but I didn’t mind! She also layed by my daughter’s side every moment while she was sick for almost three years. Miss you Buddetta!

  17. Carmen Cabell0 says:

    I vote for Buddy!! I had a Buddy of my own she was called Casey. I know what a gift it is to have such a dog be part of your family. Thank you so much for sharing this poem.

  18. Courtney Nemia says:

    I LOVE FOR BUDDY 😀 She really was and angel :)) shes totally missinq my belly rubs ;D

  19. SOMEONE :) says:

    I Vote for buddy :)) beautiful story

  20. Lorraine Robertson says:

    I vote for Buddy. I met Buddy… sweet and loving, precious doggie.

  21. carl k says:

    we also had a golden named buddy
    for 15 years that was just the same.

  22. Dee K says:

    I vote for buddy!
    You were an ‘ANGEL’ in disguise!

  23. Linda S. says:

    I vote for Buddy!

  24. Debbie says:

    Buddy was a wonderful dog. The best pet & friend. I miss her a lot. We hope to have a dog one day as wonderful as she was.

  25. Kelly says:

    What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul. I vote for buddy.

  26. Diane Woodruff says:

    Everyone should have such a great friend!

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