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Tru Hero Finalist – Dr. Strasser

I rescued her from a shelter when she was a mere six weeks old. She brought me absolute happiness and joy for close to 14 years. We shared so much over the short years we had together…things neither of us could have ever imaged. My Tru Hero isn’t my Rosie Bear or even myself. It is our Veterinarian Dr. Richard Strasser. He had the sad job of diagnosing Rosie with mast cell cancer in her front right paw when she was about 9 years old. He tried so very hard to save that paw but when the only thing left to do was lose her or the leg he willingly did all he could do to give us more time. Following amputation she remained cancer free for almost two years. When the cancer came back with vengeance he once again had the heart breaking job of telling me that it had spread everywhere and that she maybe had 6 more months with me. Blessedly he was wrong and for the next 3 plus some years he fought the fight with us. She would get sick and we would think it was the end but he would do everything possible and she would rebound. This happened countless times and I have to tell you that I think it broke his heart almost as much as it broke mine. Finally one very sad Monday morning I knew she had no more to give me and it was time to let her go to the rainbow bridge. I called the Vet hospital to tell them we were coming in and they told me it was his day off. I knew it couldn’t wait until he was back but I also knew I couldn’t be there with anyone else. He had fought too hard with us to leave the end for someone else be a part of. The girls at the hospital called him and he sadly came in on his day off. Together we said our final goodbye and she went to the rainbow bridge. Dr. Strasser is my hero because I know without all his diligence I would not have had all the years I had with my Rosie.


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