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Tru Hero Finalist – Julia

We are Tru heroes to our cat Julia and she is a Tru hero to us.  We adopted Julia at the age of 15.  Her prior owners of 15 years were afraid she would smother their newborn baby and brought her to the veterinarian to be euthanized.   The veterinarian, another Tru hero, refused to euthanize a healthy cat.  We fell in love with her and adopted her into our home despite her advanced age.  When Julia turned 18, she developed advanced kidney disease.  Knowing that she was a fighter and deserved more time with us and her adopted feline siblings, we began giving her subcutaneous fluid treatment.  I am proud to say Julia is now 20 years old and still thriving despite the fact that she needs to receive fluid therapy twice a day.  My wife and I are more than happy to attend to Julia’s special needs and give her the extra time and devotion she needs and deserves.  She is an amazing cat and has taught us so much about life and brings joy to our house every day.


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