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Tru Hero Finalist – Karen

Nine years ago in the middle of July at 6:00 p.m. in the evening outside of Austin, Texas I found a litter of four puppies beside the country road we lived off of.  The temperature was still close to 100 degrees.  One of the four puppies had some white on him, and that is how I spotted them.  I stopped my truck and found the whole litter of four, 8 day old mix breed puppies.  They were dehydrated and would have died soon in the sweltering Texas sun.  I picked them all up like Easter Eggs and took them to my house.  I had no idea at the time how old they were, I just knew they were little and their eyes were still closed and I had nothing to “feed” them.  My husband and I called the animal emergency hospital 30 miles away and they told us to at least give them water from a bottle…..we didn’t have any puppy baby bottles so I dumped out my contact saline solution and filled the bottle with tap water and squirted it into their mouths. We then went to the closest town and got “puppy formula” and “puppy baby bottles”.

The next day we took them to the vet and I said “give them everything…shots…pills….whatever…” the veterinarian picked up one of the puppies in her cupped hands and said “They are too little for all of that”

I said “Well what do we do with them”?
To which the vet replied as she snuggled the puppy in her hand up to her nose…”you just gotta love ’em up…you just gotta love ’em up”.

My husband looked at me and said, “Are we paying for this?”

It was a wild and wonderful ride…we bottle fed them every four hours for about the next three weeks…I wouldn’t let anyone touch them without washing their hands and everyone had to take their shoes off before coming into the house (I was afraid of Parvo).

When the day came and we put a paper plate of “puppy mush” in the middle of the kitchen for them to start “eating”….each one of them marched their little bodies right through the “mush” and then began to lick it off of each other!

These memories are some of the best of my whole life.  I loved taking care of these babies and knowing they would have died without me.  I got to keep the “pup” in the picture; his name is July-Johnson Hunter and his sister and two brothers got great homes with close friends!


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