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Tru Hero Finalist – Lucky the Cat

Once upon a time there was a white Persian cat.  He had gold eyes, and grey spots around his crown, tail and one front arm.  Because his owner did not know how to groom him, or know the positive reasons for neutering a pet, this snowy white feline was forced to live the life of an “outdoor cat.”  One a rainy night just before Christmas 2009, Mr. Cat was crossing the street to go to the neighbor’s house.  Just as he was crossing the street, he felt a piercing blow to his tail and then his head.  He felt another thump and went flying through the air, landing on the side of the road.  Everything went black and he felt like he had fallen down a dark, empty hole.  He was lying there getting wet and muddy.  The fleas were bad enough, but now he couldn’t see and he was getting soaking wet – only hearing cars roar by.  Before he had time to think about what to do next, a woman came up and screamed “Help!  I’ve hit a cat.”   Mr. Cat was falling in and out of consciousness.  His right eye was hanging loose from the socket.  He was bleeding profusely from the head trauma.  Just then, a young man came out of his house, assessed the situation and ran to get a towel and a blanket. The young man and woman wrapped the little guy up in the towel, and then cradled him in the blanket.  Mr. Cat was promptly taken to an animal hospital for examination and treatment of his injuries.  The right eye had to be removed and “Mr. Cat” could no longer see out of the other.  Amputation of his tail was necessary to avoid further infection in his frail body.   “Mr. Cat” was treated medically, but wouldn’t eat.  He was losing his will to live.  Then, one day, he started eating again.  He became stronger with each bite.  A few months later, a nice lady named Lisa saw his picture posted on a rescue group’s website.  Having recently lost her 15-year old cat, Arthur, to kidney failure, Lisa was looking for another special cat to live with her — although she could not pinpoint what “special” meant.  Then, Lisa saw “Mr. Cat’s” face on the internet and burst into tears.  Lisa had fallen in love with “Mr. Cat” at first sight.  As much as she would try not to think about the one-eyed cat, she couldn’t.  Her boyfriend, boss and friends all tried to steer her away from the crippled.  “Don’t take on other people’s problems,” one friend advised.  Lisa couldn’t stop thinking about this little fellow.  After about a month of pondering the situation, she decided she had plenty of love to give this cat.  She named him Lucky.  Not only is Lucky living a great life, he is fully insured with Trupanion pet insurance.  He is now groomed daily and is a very Lucky cat indeed. He will live happily ever after.

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229 Responses to Tru Hero Finalist – Lucky the Cat

  1. Claudia Baltodano says:

    what a wonderful story. this is true compassion in action. people like Ms. Lisa make this world a better place to live for all of God’s creatures.

    • Renetta says:

      That was a great story. Lucky is fortunate to have Lisa AND the lady who stopped to help him because a lot of people would never have taken the time to do that. God bless you both!

      • Lisa D. says:

        Renetta — you are right about that. I wish I could meet the lady that stopped to help him after she hit him. He was taken to the Animal Defense League in San Antonio, where he was treated for his injuries. Maybe I can find out more information from them.

    • Lisa D. says:

      Compassion in action. I like that!
      PS. Lucky rocks!! He has a very special personality.

  2. Leigh Carpenter says:

    Lucky is so lucky Lisa came into his life! I don’t know many people who would do what she did!!

  3. Ann Vance says:

    Lucky is the luckiest cat to have Lisa. She will give Lucky the best life ever . . . she is so wonderful and will make sure Lucky has all the love in the world.

    • Lisa D. says:

      AWWWWWWWH. Thanks Annie. You know I’ve always loved my pets so much……..and since Lucky is now fully insured with Trupanion Pet Insurance, he will always have the best care available.

    • Tarika S says:

      Those are sweet words, Ann. I also think that Lucky and Lisa are a beautiful pair. How can someone not love Lucky?

  4. Sharon says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. How lucky “Lucky” was to have been sent Lisa’s way! Way to go Ms. Lisa!

  5. Alison says:

    I have met Lucky and he is the sweetest most gentle kitty in the world. Thanks to Lisa and her huge heart he is living the life of a king! More people need to adopt injured or animals in need, they have seen a side of life that other animals have not, so please take them to your heart and give them a wonderful loving hone like Lisa did~

    • Lisa D. says:

      Thank you Alison………he is just a gentle soul with nothing but love to give and he NEVER misses the litterbox!!! He can even swat a fly with the first try!

  6. Rocsy says:

    What a wonderful story! So glad he found his forever home!

    • Sharon says:

      The will to live that this cat has was amazing. He deserves the great home that he has now.

      • Lisa D. says:

        Thanks to ALL of you at the San Antonio Animal Defense League (ADL) who had a part in Lucky’s (“Miracle”) recovery which ultimately gave him the chance to have a safe, loving, forever home with me. He has another rescue cat-mate (also from South Texas Persian Rescue) and they get along SO well. The best years are ahead!

    • Lisa D. says:

      Thanks for your reply……….I just re-read my story and realized that I had a couple of typos, including the wrong year. Lucky was hospitalized in December 2009….he is approximately 3 years old now — so hopefully he has many, many more years to live…..especially since he’s fully insured!

  7. Leslie says:

    God bless all the people who rescue and care for animals like Lucky!

    • Lisa D. says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Please spread the word. Lucky (Miracle) needs more votes! It appears he is running a close second.

      Lucky is watching me send this message right now and thanks you for telling others about this contest which is on until December 29th!

  8. Mike says:

    The ADL is awesome — and so are people like Lisa and the ADL staff.

    • Lisa D. says:

      The ADL IS awesome. One of these days Lucky (Miracle) and I are going to go visit the folks at the San Antonio ADL so he can feel the love from the place that gave him his new life. Thank you for your vote. Please tell your friends and family to send in a vote for Lucky. We have until December 29th to get more votes — this little guy is running in a close second place.

  9. Sharyn says:

    love lucky – he gets my vote! I am sure he is awesome cat and Lisa is a lucky human to have him!

    • Lisa D. says:

      Thank you for your vote Sharyn! Please tell your friends and family to vote for Lucky (Miracle). We have until the 29th to get more votes — my little buddy is currently running in second place. Again — thank you for taking the time to vote and tell your friends about this contest. I could win $500 for my favorite charity and I choose to give it to the San Antonio ADL who ultimately saved his life and gave him the will to keep living!

  10. Tammy Harrison says:

    I saw Lucky at the Animal Defense League and was amazed at what a trooper he was. He obviously was savedd because he was meant for something and someone special

    • Lisa D. says:

      Thanks for your vote! Lucky just got back from Christmas in Gruene. We plan to take a trip to the San Antonio ADL in the near future so he can once again visit with those there who had a hand in his recovery. Please tell your friends and family to send in their Facebook votes/comments as he is currently in second place! Again, thank you for taking the time to write.

  11. Eileen says:

    Vote for Lucky!

    • Lisa D. says:

      LUCKY SEZ: “Tell your friends and family to send in votes for me!” He also thanks you for your vote. (He is eating din-din right now.)

  12. Diana D. says:

    Heartwarming story! God Bless you Lisa… you and Lucky are so lucky to have each other.

    • Lisa D. says:

      WE ARE BOTH LUCKY — I’m going to get one of those bumper stickers that says “Who Rescued Who?” Lucky (Miracle) is the light of my life…………AND I have a nice boyfriend!!! Life is good.

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  14. Angela says:

    We all knew he was special the moment we met him.
    I’m glad he found such a special person.

    Thanks Lisa for giving us an update on Lucky.

    • Lisa D. says:

      Thank you for your vote Angela. I enjoyed talking with you on the phone. It was with great pleasure to send you the pictures of him living a good life INSIDE. Please tell your friends and family to take the time to vote for Lucky (Miracle) as it appears he is in SECOND place. No matter who wins the contest, he will be making a personal appearance at the San Antonio ADL in the near future. He wants to come back to visit all the kind people who helped save his life so he could end up with me.

  15. Laura says:

    Great Story, great cat!!!

    • Lisa D. says:

      Thank you Laura for taking the time to vote. Please spread the word to others that you know to send in a vote for Lucky….I think he could actually win this national contest — it looks like he is in second place!

  16. Sandy says:

    Lucky is right!

  17. Anne says:

    Wonderful story and we are so fortunate that people give of themselves to help an animal in need. Thank you so much.

    • Lisa D. says:

      AND now Lucky is fully insured with Trupanion Pet Insurance. I am going to give him the best life possible. Thanks for your vote. Please spread the word…………he could actually win this contest which will give $500 back to the San Antonio ADL!

  18. Anne says:

    We are so lucky to have people who take such care of our animals. Lucky The Cat is a wonderful example of selfless giving.

  19. Dana says:

    Thanks Lisa for adopting Lucky–what a GREAT story! I pray more people will adopt injured/abused/neglected animals from the animal shelters just like you did. They make the BEST pets!! God bless.

  20. Nneka O says:

    Lucky, a cat with so much facing him had the will to survive n shows the beauty of recovery to a full life challenges and all. That will to move forward is unbelievable…

  21. dbrink says:

    If only more people would look into adoption instead of breeders. God bless those who help those in need.

  22. Janel says:

    What a cute cat!!!

  23. Audra says:

    Best wishes for all involved in helping and adopting this poor baby. It is good to know there are good people out there.

  24. Kris says:

    I am happy for Lucky’s survival and recovery. What a touching story! Hooray for animal rescuers!

    • Lisa D. says:

      Say NO to breeders! There will always be animals to rescue. GO LUCKY! (I think my little guy is in second place!) Thank you for your vote!

  25. Anne says:

    A Beautiful cat who has found a wonderful forever home. Thanks to all those people who give a home to these cats and dogs.

    • Lisa D. says:

      Lucky is, without a doubt, happy! He is spoiled with attention, yet not spoiled by it. He is humble and nothing describes him except “pure love.” ALSO — he never misses the litter box!!!

  26. Herbert Eastwood says:

    Go Lucky go.

    • Lisa D. says:

      Thank you Herbert. From what I can tell so far, Lucky (Miracle) is in SECOND place! Please tell others he needs more votes but know we are grateful for all the positive energy being sent his way from this contest…………….and he will have the BEST life because he is affordablly insured with Trupanion (zero-deductible and 90% reimbursement)! I want him to live as long as possible! Again, thank you for your vote!

  27. Tabby says:

    What an inspiring story. It took a lot of good people working on his behalf to get Lucky to where he is today. Kudos to everyone involved!

    • Lisa D. says:

      Thank you Tabby. I can’t even begin to imagine how many were involved in this little guy’s healing but let me tell you this: We feel the love over here in Houston, Texas (from all the votes/comments on his behalf). Lucky wants to come back to the ADL in San Antionio for a personal appearance! Happy 2011!!!

  28. Tarika S says:

    Hooray for Lucky. The poor thing needed some love. I really hope that he and his family live happily. I am so happy that he found a home with dear Lisa. He is indeed a very Lucky cat.

    • Lisa D. says:

      Tarika — he has SO much love surrounding him…………….and he loves me back. He actually likes to give ME a bath and even lets my boyfriend give HIM a bath without getting upset! He is very entertaining and calming at the same time. He teaches me patience every day. HE ALSO NEVER MISSES THE LITTER BOX!

  29. Sharon says:

    Great story and kudos to all who were involved in saving Lucky.

  30. Stuart Massie says:

    Lucky the cat was so lucky to find a safe and forever home! His story tells us that cats do need to be indoor only pets.

  31. Lyn~C says:

    Thank you Jesus, for answering everyone’s prayers for Lucky the Cat. And please continue to bless Lucky & Lisa & all who helped them. With Love & Prayers, Amen

    • Lyn~C says:

      Thank you Jesus, for answering everyone’s prayers for Lucky the Cat. And please continue to bless Lucky & Lisa & all who helped them. With Love & Prayers, Amen

  32. Maryellen says:

    Great story. Hats off to all the people that had faith in Mr Lucky.

  33. AMBER GONZALEZ says:

    He truly is a lucky cat! And his family is lucky to have him. 🙂

  34. Helen says:

    Lucky he is that Lisa was willing to “take on other people’s problems”. Bless you, Lisa, for not listening to that advice.

  35. Erin says:

    What a remarkable story of hope!

  36. Lori says:

    Lucky is truly a lucky cat. I love to hear stories about people showing compasion to others, including our lovely furry friends.

    • Lisa D. says:

      I can’t wait to get out of work so I can go see Lucky. I’ve been reading all these wonderful comments and I want to go hug him!!!

  37. Donna says:

    What a sweet story, it sounds like they both found the perfect match for each other. It takes a special person to look beyond the outside to see the inside of a special animal. It also takes a special animal to make it through all those events and come out with enough love to share and the will to survive.

    • Lisa D. says:

      Lucky doesn’t know what I look like from a bag of rocks……but he sure knows when I’m coming up the stairs. He can find me anywhere in the house and can swat a fly with the first try. He is my hero.

  38. Helene says:

    I would like to vote for Lucky cause i would like her to win 🙂

  39. Char says:

    Vote for Lucky!!!!

  40. Char says:

    Vote for Lucky

  41. Caroline Byrd says:

    Lucky is truly lucky to have been rescued by South Texas Persian Rescue. This is a wonderful group.

    • Lisa D. says:

      South Texas Persian Rescue IS a wonderful group. I adopted Lucky (Miracle) and two other cats from this group. Lucky just seemed to deserve a story.

      PS I hope Beth voted for Lucky!!!

  42. Billie says:

    What a wonderful story. No matter how the voting ends up, Lucky is already a winner!!

    • Lisa D. says:

      He IS a winner — can’t you just see him running this race trying to catch up?

      He has the strongest will……it’s fun to just watch him run down the hall at home when he hears it’s “fresh-food time.”

  43. Chip says:

    What a beautiful story. Thank-you

  44. Char says:

    Go Lucky!!!

  45. Franc Harriss says:

    I’ve always been a dog lover and because of Lucky, now a cat lover too. I would even adopt another blind cat.

  46. Brenda says:

    He is definitely a survivor and has his second chance at a loving and safe home.

  47. Rocsy says:

    What a strong boy!

  48. lorraine says:

    This is an amazing story and Lucky deserves to win. I have cats and I can understand the love and now he has a great home….. He gets my vote

  49. Colette says:

    Lucky is so sweet. I hope he wins. He so found it in his heart to want to live. Love gave him the will to live and he is giving that love back in his forever home.

  50. Nicole says:

    Yay lucky!!

  51. Gary Rogers says:

    Lucky is really gorgeous. I am so pleased that the rescue services were available to him and that he is doing so well. Everyone involved has done a great job.

  52. Julie Smith says:

    What a wonderful story about what a little love can do.

  53. Cathy says:

    Lucky is special and deserves this recognition.

  54. Susan says:

    What a happy ending to his story. Amazing survival and rescue story for sure.

  55. Michael says:

    What a heartwarming story!

  56. Beauxciephais says:

    Lucky? I guess so. Considering the fate of most “neglected” outdoor cats, he’s already won the lottery. Here’s hoping his phenomenal luck continues. And good for you, Lisa. God bless.

  57. Debbie says:

    Thank you Lisa for being willing to love and care for such a special cat. He is certainly “lucky” to find a “mom” like you.

    • Lisa D. says:

      Debbie, once I saw his face on the South Texas Persian Rescue site, I HAD to have him. I gave the situation long thought and I couldn’t stop thinking about adopting this little guy. Once I saw him in person, I had no doubts. He was the best little guy on the ride home that day in the car and has been a perfect little cat ever since. He NEVER complains — about anything. Even loves to get bathed!

  58. kathy baker says:

    Lucky met some truly caring people and gave us all hope. He is a little hero!

    • Lisa D. says:

      He is MY hero….and yes, he gives others hope. He is a happy cat. He’s probably listening to the stereo on the couch with his cat-mate (while I’m at work).

  59. Kim says:

    Thank you ADL. Way to go Lucky! What a special story!

  60. vicky says:

    Go Lucky. You are a true survivor. Hope you win

  61. Shirl says:

    What a wonderful story!!

  62. Jennifer MJ says:

    Great story and a beautiful cat! Enjoy your wonderful forever home, Lucky!

  63. Shirl says:

    Such a heart-warming story!

  64. Steph says:

    Any cat is Lucky with Lisa for a mom – especially this one!!

  65. Julie Smith says:

    What a touching story. Makes me want to go home and love on my own cat.

  66. Anne says:

    I hope that Lucky comes to ADL when I am there volunteering. Lucky is a beautiful cat with a wonderful story behind his name.

  67. Mel says:

    Both Lisa and Lucky found each other- it was meant to be! What a heart-warming story.

  68. Susan says:

    I love that he has a forever home …….. that is the icing on the cake.

    For Lisa to adopt him – obviously he was special to her – so she won the cat lottery !!! But then again, Lucky won the lottery too !!!

    Living happily ever after !!!!!

  69. Larry C. says:

    Hey, Lucky! Way to go! Hope you win (again).

  70. Connie says:


    Sharon has a magic touch with damaged babies…

    and new mom Lisa is a cat angel…

    bless you both…

  71. Susan says:

    Go LUCKY Go !!!!!!!

  72. AG says:

    Lucky is blessed for the rescue that helped him and the family that adopted him.

  73. Ericka says:

    Yayy for Lucky! 🙂

  74. yana says:

    Touching story! <3

  75. Catherine says:

    Lucky is a sweet prince, who is living the life of a pampered champion, with a lady who has a heart of gold ! ! He deserves no less !!

  76. yana says:

    Hope lucky wins! Good luck!

  77. Nancy says:

    Lucky — you really ARE LUCKY now!

  78. Kristen says:

    What an amazing story! You and Lucky are both blessed to have each other!

  79. Sara says:

    I vote for lucky the cat! He truly is lucky, or maybe blessed, to be found and recovered. So happy to hear he’s with a wonderful family forever!!!

  80. Sara says:

    I vote for lucky the cat!!!! So glad to hear he’s recovered despite his situation and is with his forever family;)

  81. Susan says:

    Three cheers for Lucky!

  82. Nikki says:

    Best of luck to Lucky!!!

  83. Char says:

    Go Lucky…..you deserve to win!!!!

  84. dana says:

    Lucky stands for LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, COMPASSION, KINDNESS, & YEARS together! Thanks to EVERYONE involved in Lucky’s adoption!!

  85. Rita M. says:

    Lucky looks like he is one content gentleman. I am so happy to hear he has a forever family who loves him despite his small imperfections. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos and your story with us.

  86. Rita M. says:

    Lucky sure looks like one content gentleman. Thank you for sharing his photos and history of with us.

  87. Wendy says:

    Lucky indeed found the perfect mother in Lisa. She truly has a heart for animals and smiles every time she talks about Lucky.

  88. Tabby says:

    I’m voting for Lucky!

  89. Billie says:

    Go, Lucky! Go, Lucky! You’re going to win this thing!

  90. Nikki says:

    Lucky definitely has my vote!

  91. keli viereck says:

    Great story!!

  92. Brenda says:

    Lucky is so precious and it shows that an animal with a handicap can have a full and happy life. Go Lucky, good luck.

  93. Jenna says:

    This was such a touching story! Thank you for sharing it.

  94. Carol says:

    Lucky the cat is really beautiful

  95. Suzy says:

    Love to Lucky. So happy you found a home!

  96. Carol says:

    I hope Lucky wins

  97. Summer says:

    Lucky has my vote!!!

  98. Luci says:

    Lucky is amaziing!!! He deserves to win!!!

  99. Summer says:

    I vote for Lucky!!!

  100. L. Will says:

    What a wonderful cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. ellen weiss says:

    Way to go Lucky. We are so happy for you.

  102. stevie says:

    What a face! Could he be any luckier, having a loving new mom and being the cutest cat in town!

  103. Herbert Eastwood says:

    Go lucky go. Herbert

  104. Linda says:

    I’m so happy that Lucky recovered and now has a happy home. Many thanks to those that work tirelessly to help the animals of our world.

  105. kathy friedrich says:

    Lucky and the owner is a blessing for the love they give to others will come back three fold. They have our vote.

  106. Sue says:

    What an example to us all. We can learn from a cat that seemed like had nothing going for him yet he wasn’t about to give up on life.

  107. Sue says:

    What an inspiration.

  108. Maureen says:

    Best of luck, Lucky!

  109. Brenda says:

    Kudos to ADL for there caring and love that they afford the animals in their care and to Lisa for taking this special guy into her heart

  110. Kathy T. says:

    Lucky that lucky had such wonderful Rescue Organization friends. He is a winner!

  111. pauline casillas says:

    “Lucky” is really a ‘Miracle”

  112. Lorena says:

    True Hero….way to go Lucky!!

  113. Cissie says:

    Lucky has already won–he has a great new life with a mommy who loves and cares for him. Winning the contest will be a wonderful follow-up.

  114. Brenda Hoffman says:

    I am so happy that Lucky made it and I hope he wins the contest!

  115. Debbie says:

    What a face!

  116. Carolyn Rose says:

    I think little Lucky the cat is a survivor with a strong will to live and to love. She deserves to win!

  117. Cecilia Neathery says:

    GO LUCKY! Vote Lucky!

  118. Anne B says:

    Bless your heart Lucky, you have been thru so much but now you got the good life and you are one “Lucky” kitty!!

  119. ky says:

    Hope you win.

  120. Summer says:

    Go Lucky…Go Lucky…..You can win this!!!!

  121. Luci says:

    We’re all rooting for you Lucky!!!!!

  122. Char says:

    Best wishes to Lucky!!!

  123. shabbir says:

    What an awesome tail.

  124. Bonnie says:

    I’m so glad Lucky did not give up…what an inspiring story.
    Everyone involved in this story is amazing!

  125. Bonnie says:

    I’m so glad Lucky did not give up! What an amazing story.

  126. Brenda says:

    I vote for Lucky!

  127. Shirl says:

    God bless everyone involved in this amazing story!

  128. Nikki says:

    Lucky is my hero. He deserves to win!

  129. Tabby says:

    I’m casting my vote for Lucky.

    And for all of the people who helped him get to his furever home….

  130. Billie says:

    Lucky’s story just shows what a difference caring people can make.

    We can all make a difference by voting for Lucky!

  131. Mary Taylor says:

    What a truly lucky kitty and what an inspiring story.

  132. Brenda says:

    Good Luck Lucky you are a wonderful example of survival

  133. Brenda says:

    Lucky Bless you and your strength of Spirit

  134. Michelle S. says:

    Yay! Way to go Lucky! He’s adorable.

  135. Karen R. says:

    What a survivor and beautiful cat! Lucky is the perfect name for him. 🙂

  136. Mendoza says:

    Lucky is one great Cat. Wish him well

  137. Mendoza says:

    Lucky is one great Cat. Wish him well

  138. Mendoza says:

    Lucky is one great Cat. Wish him well

  139. dragonette says:

    Lucky deserves to win!

  140. Dede Kollaja says:

    Lucky the Cat is truly my hero,,,good luck at your forever home!

  141. john says:

    wonderful story. You go Lucky

  142. Genia says:

    You go Lucky! Whooohoo!

  143. Carolyn Rose says:

    Here’s another vote for you, Lucky!

  144. Luci says:

    Congratulations, Lucky!!!

  145. Max Rose says:

    You’re the one Lucky!
    Perfect name!

  146. Max Rose says:

    You’re the one Lucky!
    Perfect name!

  147. Debbie says:

    Lucky – Hope your luck holds and you win the contest!
    ADL is awesome.

  148. Jenn says:

    Lucky, your willingness to fight to survive should be an inspiration to all us 2-legged creatures. Good luck in the contest.

  149. Matt says:

    Love that face!

  150. Peter says:

    What a wonderful story – Lucky is certainly blessed, as is Lisa

  151. Tammy Harrison says:


  152. Karen says:

    Way to go Lucky. Bring it on home!!!!

  153. maria kamieth says:

    WOW, what a wonderfull ending. It seems someone was watching over him.

  154. nicole says:

    Go lucky!

  155. Karen Lynn Hunter says:

    Congratulations! This is indeed a beautiful story!

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