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Tru Hero Finalist – Lucky the Cat

Once upon a time there was a white Persian cat.  He had gold eyes, and grey spots around his crown, tail and one front arm.  Because his owner did not know how to groom him, or know the positive reasons for neutering a pet, this snowy white feline was forced to live the life of an “outdoor cat.”  One a rainy night just before Christmas 2009, Mr. Cat was crossing the street to go to the neighbor’s house.  Just as he was crossing the street, he felt a piercing blow to his tail and then his head.  He felt another thump and went flying through the air, landing on the side of the road.  Everything went black and he felt like he had fallen down a dark, empty hole.  He was lying there getting wet and muddy.  The fleas were bad enough, but now he couldn’t see and he was getting soaking wet – only hearing cars roar by.  Before he had time to think about what to do next, a woman came up and screamed “Help!  I’ve hit a cat.”   Mr. Cat was falling in and out of consciousness.  His right eye was hanging loose from the socket.  He was bleeding profusely from the head trauma.  Just then, a young man came out of his house, assessed the situation and ran to get a towel and a blanket. The young man and woman wrapped the little guy up in the towel, and then cradled him in the blanket.  Mr. Cat was promptly taken to an animal hospital for examination and treatment of his injuries.  The right eye had to be removed and “Mr. Cat” could no longer see out of the other.  Amputation of his tail was necessary to avoid further infection in his frail body.   “Mr. Cat” was treated medically, but wouldn’t eat.  He was losing his will to live.  Then, one day, he started eating again.  He became stronger with each bite.  A few months later, a nice lady named Lisa saw his picture posted on a rescue group’s website.  Having recently lost her 15-year old cat, Arthur, to kidney failure, Lisa was looking for another special cat to live with her — although she could not pinpoint what “special” meant.  Then, Lisa saw “Mr. Cat’s” face on the internet and burst into tears.  Lisa had fallen in love with “Mr. Cat” at first sight.  As much as she would try not to think about the one-eyed cat, she couldn’t.  Her boyfriend, boss and friends all tried to steer her away from the crippled.  “Don’t take on other people’s problems,” one friend advised.  Lisa couldn’t stop thinking about this little fellow.  After about a month of pondering the situation, she decided she had plenty of love to give this cat.  She named him Lucky.  Not only is Lucky living a great life, he is fully insured with Trupanion pet insurance.  He is now groomed daily and is a very Lucky cat indeed. He will live happily ever after.


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