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Trupanion Announces Finalists in ‘Tru Hero’ Contest

Trupanion announces promotion finalists.

Pet insurance company Trupanion chooses the top ten finalists in a contest inspired by pets and the holidays.

( December 27, 2010 — Trupanion, North America’s fastest growing pet health insurance company, ran a holiday promotion from December 1 through December 19, encouraging pet owners to write a story about what a ‘Tru Hero’ means to them. The company received more than 100 entries for the promotion and today announced the finalists.

  1. Buddy – A Golden Retriever who touched the lives of his family for ten years until his death on January 25, 2010. Buddy’s ‘Tru Hero’ entry was in the form of a poem.
  2. Rita – Found starved and alone on the side of the road, Rita was rescued by a woman who brought her back to life, only to find out she had just given birth. Rita’s new owner worked tirelessly to find the surviving puppies and locate adoptive families. She succeeded.
  3. July-Johnson Hunter – Found with three littermates on the side of the road in the sweltering sun at just a couple weeks old. Rescued by a woman named Karen who nursed all four puppies to health.
  4. Duke – A Pit Bull mix who was found roaming the streets with scars that suggested he was used unsuccessfully for fighting. Today gives love and happiness to his new owner.
  5. Julia – A 15-year-old cat who was taken into a veterinarian to be euthanized due to a new baby in the household. The vet refused to euthanize a healthy cat and found her a new home.
  6. Rascal – A cat who awakened his family after a pot on the stove started smoking in the middle of the night.
  7. Lucky the Cat – An outdoor cat who was hit by a car was taken to the vet. After removing an eye, amputating his tail and treating him for fleas, he was put up for adoption. Even with his disability and disfigurement, he was adopted.
  8. Gobi – A Yorkshire Terrier who, at eight months, lost his balance and coordination. A neurologist diagnosed him with encephalitis and autoimmune disease with an inflammation of the brain. His disease was treated through steroids and now at 1 ½ years old, he is off medication and healthy.
  9. Dr. Strasser – A veterinarian who stuck with a family as their beloved dog battled mast cell cancer for several years.
  10. TomCat – A stray cat who started spending a lot of time outside a certain family’s house. Twice he got incredibly sick and the family took him to the vet. TomCat thanked the family by becoming much friendlier and is making strides in becoming an indoor family pet.

“It’s a great time of year to recognize the heroes in our lives, whether they be human, feline, or canine,” said Darren DeFeo, Senior Vice President of E-Commerce at Trupanion. “All of the entries we received really captured the spirit of the holidays and we enjoyed reading each one.”

Winners will be chosen by Trupanion blog readers and Facebook followers. The story with the most ‘likes’ and comments will win the grand prize of $500 to give to a charity of their choice, as well as a copy of pet photography book Dogphoria by Jim Dratfield and an iPod Nano. Twenty-five second-place winners will also receive a copy of Dogphoria. Winners will be announced December 30.

For more information about the ‘Tru Hero’ promotion finalists, click here.

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