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World's Smartest Dog Has Extensive Vocabulary

According to a recent article on, Chaser the Border Collie is the world’s smartest dog! She knows over 1,000 words!

So how did she become so smart? Training involved gradually teaching her different words, one at a time, over a period of three years.

“In the first experiment where we talk about the learning of proper nouns, the procedure we use is one where she was taught in a way that she couldn’t fail,” Pilley said. “We would place the object right on the floor, somewhere the dog couldn’t miss.”

Then after a period of several months, Pilley and Reid would work with a different object, slowly training the dog on each one.

“Most people when they try to teach a dog, they put too many objects on the ground. That’s called simultaneous training,” Pilley explained. “Our method was a successive technique.”

See a video of her in action! How many tricks does your dog or cat know?

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