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Adventures of a City Dog in the Country

The following guest post comes from Linda, from My Seattle Night Out:

city dogsMy name is Princess Kiah, and I am an Australian Cattle Dog, if you want to know. My real parents are both Champion show dogs, but I very happy that my mom and dad have no interest in that kind of life for me. BOORRRING! I have been living with my mom and dad, and my “big sister” Maggie since I was 12 weeks old, and have had a very happy, carefree life. Maggie is an Australian Cattle Dog, too. We have a big yard to play in, lots f treats, and we go to Marymoor dog park 3 times a week for a big run. Dad gets down on the floor and wrestles with me and Maggie almost every night. I have a whole basket of toys to play with and bones to chew.

A few weeks ago, things changed for all of us. We are now living part-time on a horse ranch! There are 3 new members of our little pack! Susie is another person, sort of like mom. Maybe mom is her mom too. Susie is gone a lot. Mom said she is taking classes of some kind, whatever that means, so we have to take care of Calvin and Montana and all the horses when she is gone. Maybe Susie is taking obedience classes like I had when I was still very young? Calvin is a very old Yellow Lab, who can hardly get around any more. He spends most of his time sleeping on the couch. But when he is awake… oh, boy, oh boy! Calvin has taught me all kinds of new things!!! Montana is a Border Collie, but she only has 3 legs. Mom says she was born that way, and I have to be very gentle with Montana. Montana is only a little older than me, and we play and play. I am very gentle with Montana.

There are so many fun things to do here! I run up to the horses, barking, trying to get them to play with me. They just look at me, but once when one started walking toward me, I ran the other way. They are a LOT bigger than me, so maybe playing with them is not such a good idea.

Calvin taught me that there are yummy things to chew on under the kitchen sink in the garbage! I never knew that! He is such a good friend. Calvin also taught me that there are snacks on the ground all over the place here! Horse Apples! YUM!! I don’t understand why mom and dad don’t want me to eat them…….. I also learned that smart dogs look UP when walking behind a horse.

There are some funny smelling sort of wild dogs up behind the house in the top pastures. I don’t like them. When I hear them howl at night, I run to the door and bark and bark, trying to chase them away. The back yard is fenced, so they can’t get too close to the house. Sometimes they are up there when we all go out to potty at night, and I bark and bark. Maggie and Calvin and Montana bark and bark, too. We chase them away.

Another enjoyable thing I learned here is how much fun it is to round up chickens! The chickens don’t seem to like it much, though, and mom and dad get very angry with me when I run over to the neighbors and get into the chicken coop. I don’t hurt them, honest! I am only playing. If I am not supposed to get into the chicken coop, why is the door open? I can get all of them rounded up and squawking in no time!

It makes me mad because Montana is allowed to get on the couch and Susie’s bed, and I can’t. Mom and dad scold me when I do, so I have learned that good dogs do not jump on the furniture. Maggie never jumps on the furniture, and mom is always telling Maggie what a good dog she is. But once when mom and dad were gone for a few hours, Montana and I BOTH ran down the hallway, jumped up on Susie’s bed and chased each other around. It was so much fun!

The best part is in the afternoon when dad goes out to clean all of the stalls. I get to go out to the barn, too. I have learned to sit quietly on top of a bale of hay and just watch. Sometimes when dad is not paying close attention, I can snag a really FRESH horse apple! YUM! I just love staying on a horse ranch! I hope Susie is gone more and more, so we can be here a long time.

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