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Dog DNA Results Revealed

This week’s giveaway was a bit of a challenge in which we had you guess the breed results of a DNA test for two of our office dogs. We made it a little easier by offering multiple choices from which you could guess, but obviously it was still quite the challenge since less than 5% of you (out of over 100 entries) guessed correctly!

Firstly, we would like to thank Wisdom Panel for providing the DNA tests (and one test as a prize to the winner)! Now, it’s time to announce the real answers:

According to Benny’s test results, he is Shar Pei + Cocker Spaniel + Mixed breeds

According to Ellie’s test results, she is Rottweiler + Whippet + Mixed breeds

The few who guessed correctly were shuffled in a random drawing, and the winner of the prize is Vanessa Kelly!

Thanks to everyone who played this week, we enjoyed watching the results roll in and received lots of positive feedback. Have a great weekend and start thinking up your pet’s New Years resolution for next week’s giveaway!


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