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Fun Facts About Kittens

Teeny tiny whiskers, warm purrs, and curious stares make kittens absolutely adorable. You may think you know kittens but we bet you didn’t know some of these fun facts!

Five things you didn’t know about kittens

  1. More than 90% of kittens have Type A blood.
  2. One feline year is equal to about fifteen human years.
  3. The sweat glands of a kitten are located in the pads of their feet.
  4. The heart of a newborn kitten beats approximately 200-300 beats per minute.
  5. Depending on the breed, the number of bones in a kittens body differs from other breeds.

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*Facts courtesy of All About Cute Kittens

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5 Responses to Fun Facts About Kittens

  1. britany arbogast says:

    goood i didnt no that the heart rate of a kitten was 200-300 beats WOW i breed kittens that was a gooooood fact to no but i love animals very ver ymuch!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. abree says:

    hi can you send me a free kitten thanks

  3. alxandrea mclai says:

    hi have 4 kittens for free !! all white kittens .

  4. malayna says:

    there alll so cute

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