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New Years Pet Resolutions – Honorable Mentions

Thank you for all of the sweet, funny, and thoughtful pet resolutions that you shared with us this week! We saw some that were cute and silly, while others were serious and ambitious – all of which had the same theme of bettering our pets’ lives.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Nellie (the Newfie) is determined to quit counter surfing! She’s tired of seeing mouse traps set in front of all the goodies that are there to scare her! -Carol D.

Our goal for this year is to earn her MX and MXJ titles and show them that the mixed breeds can be just as good as a purebred dog. -Christina

Wallie’s resolution is to not be afraid of the new doggie door flap so he can realize the freedom of going in and out of the house as he pleases. He wouldn’t have to wait for mom to let him out! -Jenna W.

To become the greatest one dog sled team in the  world! we begin training as of January 15th.2011. -Amber L.

Leo is going to learn how to go get help for Mommy. If he can do that, we will try to get him some service dog training and certification. -Jennifer R.

Tinker the Weimaraner’s New Year’s Resolution is to begin her training to a be a search and rescue K-9! -Sue J.
I, Chandler Boxer, do promise to do better eating over my bowl since I received the new food and water bowl lift from Santa! Now my mom won't have to sweep up the floor where I usually take out my food to eat! -Dwan B.
Yogi Berra resolves to be nice to his toys and stop trying to kill them all. -Laura F.
Life's too short, so Tiffy has decided to wag her tail more often and make more dog furends. This has been an easy resolution to keep since Tiffy is a very friendly dog. -Judy F.

All entries were put into a random drawing and the winner is: Gladys L. with her dog’s resolution, “sammy vows to quit chewing up her toys & since she is diabetic to stay on her diet & visit her dr. regularly.”

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