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Office Petiquette: Dogs Don’t Hold Grudges

Once in a while, your dog or someone else’s dog may get into a scuffle with another dog. They might “argue” over toys or treats or have a play session that gets too rough. We can do our best to prevent these types of situations from happening, but sometimes they are bound to happen anyway.

Often, pet owners become very rattled and stressed when these situations occur, and I don’t blame them as it is frightening to see your dog in such a situation, but it’s best to keep in mind that accidents do happen. Dogs are animals, after all.

Dogs don’t hold grudges.

When your dog has an ‘argument’ with a dog that it typically gets along with, you can rest assured that your dog doesn’t hate this dog because of what just happened. As a matter of fact, dogs are very good at forgiving!

Here’s a great bit of advice from Jolanta Benal’s training website:

Can Dogs Who’ve Fought Become Friends?

Play does sometimes turn into a squabble even between socially skilled dogs and even between good friends. So the fact that you’ve had to break two dogs up doesn’t necessarily mean they shouldn’t meet and play again. Give them a breather from direct interaction–the humans should step away to open up the space around the dogs, and maybe take a stroll together.  Then see what develops. These dogs may become friendly or indifferent non-playmates, or they may just have had some differences to work out.

When dogs have a disagreement, it’s best to learn from it and move on, rather than dwelling on the fact that dogs are not perfect. Our dogs do not hold grudges, so why should we? Figure out what went wrong in the situation, and remedy it to prevent it from happening again.


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