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Pet keeping. Are we truly committed?

The following guest post comes from Eric, from PetKeeper.combeing truly committed to owning a pet


I’ve joined the Twitter-verse and been an active tweeter for several months now. What an incredible way for all of us in the pet community to share our stories and collaborate. While looking at the thousands of potential people to follow I was surprised at the large number of shelters, humane societies, rescues and SPCAs that are tweeting. Are there really that many facilities in this country filled with unwanted pets?

When we become a pet keeper, we have a responsibility to do all we can to afford our pets a happy and healthy life. Unfortunately for some people this responsibility is quickly forgotten when a pet becomes inconvenient. There certainly are legitimate cases when we’re no longer able to care for our pets anymore and we’re forced to give them up for adoption. However, I simply can’t believe this is the reason our shelters and rescues are filling up around the country. Commitment to responsible pet ownership seems to be slipping.

Now you’re likely quick to stand up and say, “Yes, there are irresponsible pet owners out there, but I’m not one of them! I wouldn’t think of getting rid of my pet because they’re inconvenient at times, and much less stop caring for them altogether. Not now, not ever!” This is likely true, and I’d be a pet keeper standing beside you in your retort. But it’s worth thinking about for a moment. Are we doing everything we can to give our pets a healthy and happy life? For example, do we diligently give our pets the exercise they need? Do we feed them good and healthy food and treat them with the right medications at the right time? Are we punctual with our vet appointments and renew our pet insurance on time? Perhaps you agree that sometimes we let these responsibilities slip. Life is so busy after all.

One company has recognized this challenge and come up with a unique solution to help with our pet keeping responsibilities. The Petkeeper is an attractive station for the home to store and organize our pets information and accessories. Its photo-frame-likeness complements any room and it shows off our pet to all who pass by. It helps us keep our pet keeping responsibilities top of mind so that we remain committed to the promise we made when we adopted them into our life.

Join Petkeeper in their mission to promote responsible pet ownership, not just for a pet’s today, but for their lifetime. You can find them on Facebook at PetKeeper, on Twitter @thePetkeeper, and at


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