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Pet of the Week: Dasha

Meet this lively kitty, Dasha, who is our Pet of the Week!

Dasha is a lively and loving 5 month old SPCA kitten, who I acquired as a companion for my recently bereaved 16-year-old cat Thimble, whose longtime friend, Bobbin had passed away in August.

Dasha and Thimble

While Dasha entered the house hissing and growling at Thimble, Thimble amazingly displayed no reaction, and apart from at least one daily tussle on the bed, they have learned to appreciate each other’s company. Dasha’s level of energy, however is far beyond Thimble’s and can sometimes be problematic for me and my catsitter. “Mr. Busy” as she describes him, dashes frantically around the entire house for no particular reason, drags fleece cat beds from one room to the other, will gladly unroll all of the toilet paper at any time, and attacks his many scratching posts with manic enthusiasm, leaving the floors scattered with bits of carpeting. He also regularly removes his collar, which is problematic since it not only contains his identification, but also a magnet which allows him entrance into my kitty door from our cat-fenced yard.

Dasha is an endless source of work and entertainment. I am very happy to have him enrolled with Trupanion, and hope he continues his healthy and energetic existence for years to come.

Dasha’s pet parent sent in these photos and bio and she became this week’s Pet of the Week! If you would like to nominate your pet to be our Pet of the Week, just e-mail us at with a short bio and picture(s)!


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