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Pet of the Week: Honey

Honey is this week’s Pet of the Week and we send her owner, Giselle, our condolences for Honey’s passing.

This picture is of our beloved cat Honey.  She was rescued by my husband and I at our son’s school.  He had heard her tiny meow and searched for her. She was only the size of his palm.  We took her to the vet, got a clean bill of health and later took her home to be our son’s new kitty.  She grew up with nothing but dogs to play with, her best friend was a chihuahua named Petrie who passed away over a year ago.  Honey never meowed, or at least it did not sound like it, it came out like a bark. She would sleep with me in my blankets if she wasn’t with her Daddy sleeping on his stomach after she fluffed him to make him more comfy.  She passed away before Mother’s Day this year after a month long struggle with an illness that took over her neuro system.  She is well loved and missed. She only lived to be over a year old but in that year she filled our hearts with joy and love.

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