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Pet of the Week – Oliver and Sissy

This week’s Pets of the Week are Oliver and Sissy, sent in by their pet parent, Bobbie!

These two dogs are very precious to me, and have changed my life in more ways than i would have ever imagined. I was never a dog person until i got Sissy a year and a half ago, and i loved her so much that i went and got Oliver 8 months later.

Sissy is one of the most happy dogs i have ever met, as you can see from her picture (the one on the right) she is ALWAYS smiling! she has NEVER ever growled or bitten anyone, i have never seen her in a bad mood, and she is totally happy if she can give you kisses all day long!

Oliver is my gentle little man. Where as Sissy is the more dominate and active one of the two, he is extremely loving, and gentle and his goal is to make sure i know he loves me. I am woken up every morning at 8 am sharp by kisses from Oliver, never fails. He is VERY loyal to me, where i go, he goes, doesn’t matter what he is doing, he is always by my side!

Both of these dogs are a god send to me, and i cannot imagine life without them now!

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