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Pet Owners in China May be Limited to One Dog

Shanghai residents could be restricted to one dog.

A recent article from Mail Online discusses a new measure in Shanghai, China that limits households to one canine companion. This is a zero tolerance policy on unplanned pregnancies is in response to rampant barking, unscooped waste, and the growing risk of dog attacks in the city. There are currently 20 million residents with 800,000 dogs in Shanghai alone. If the measure is made into law, families will have three months to find homes for any litters born of unplanned pregnancies or they will be taken to adoption agencies.

Many dog owners are not happy about the new measure, bringing their concerns to internet message boards. One dog owner said, “We are prepared to keep our dogs at home. Will they break into my house to take them away? Try it if they dare!” To try and persuade owners to accept the one-dog plan, Shanghai authorities may reduce for licencing, vaccinations and identification chips.

It was not mentioned if there are plans to restrict other pets, including cats, but as we all know, China is already limited to one child per family, instituted in 1978 in an attempt to control the population.

What do you think about this proposed law?

Read the full story here.


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