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Running With Dogs in Cold Weather – Paws

Photo of Kolby, by Lorrie L.

Part 3 of a series of 3, as interpreted from article in USA Triathlon website.

Frostbitten paws: When overexposed to cold weather, dogs too can experience frostbite on their paws, nose, and ears. Immediately tend to frost-bitten areas, which will appear red, gray, or whitish, with your hands or warm towels. Be sure to slowly warm the areas and do not put your dog in a hot bath. When the skin returns to pink in color, be sure to consult your veterinarian.

Food for energy: If your dog is getting more exercise than usual, it may be necessary to increase the size of its meals. Note your dog’s weight and energy level and if they decrease, then it’s a good idea to feed your dog a little extra each day. You can also carry treats in your pockets to give your dog snacks along the run.

Do you have more tips for running with dogs in cold weather? Share them with us in the comments!

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