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Snuggling Pet Pictures – Honorable Mentions

This week, we received over 90 pictures for our snuggling pet pictures giveaway. I absolutely loved this giveaway because I got to look at cute pictures as they came in all day! While I would love to post every single picture on our blog, it would just take far too long (plus, I have already put them all in an album on our Facebook page). Instead, I have chosen a few of our favorites.

Shelby, Virginia, and Monster, shared by Rhonda H.
Wendy, Sullivan, and Murphy, shared by Lisa B.
Henry and Ben, sent in by Tammy D.
Winston, sent in by Rachelle R.
Logan and Enzo, shared by Maggie M.

There are many more cute pictures, so please take a look at our album on Facebook and our Facebook wall for more!

Thank you so much to everyone for sharing pictures, brightening up our work days, and causing us all to say “aww!” over and over!

P.S. The random winner will be contacted and announced on our Facebook page later this afternoon!

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