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Thank You Letter

We just received a very nice letter in the mail. I just want to say that we appreciate our policyholders and are very glad to be able to help during difficult times. We want to see your pet live a long and healthy life!

Dear Sir:

When we decided to purchase pet insurance for our dog, Abby, we did some research and spoke with other pet owners, to determine if they had insurance, and if so, whom their coverage was with.  The only really positive comments we received in doing this research was that Vet Insurance as it was known when we purchased the policy, seemed to be the best bet.  So we decided to enroll our puppy.

On December 1st of 2010, she was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus.  This diagnosis was quite a surprise to us to say the least.  After submitting our original claim, and subsequent claims for treatment and testing, I must congratulate your company on their claims service. The claims submitted have been paid promptly.

I have had occasion to call to make inquiries, and have been treated with a pleasant, friendly and caring person, who answered my questions with no hesitation. So when it is easy to complain about poor service, I felt it necessary to applaud you and your staff, for their attention to our claim, as well as their outstanding customer service.

Rest assured, I have praised your company to other pet owners in my area, who have inquired about our dog’s health, etc.  If “word of mouth” is the best form of advertising, then I hope I am doing you a service, since your service to us has been outstanding.

Yours truly,

Heather __________

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4 Responses to Thank You Letter

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  2. Lynne Irwin says:

    I will say one thing, this company is smart. Whenever there is a negative response, they seem to wipe it out and it shows up as this page is not available. All you see are the positive responses. Slick. But I will make sure that I hit a site that they cannot erase.

  3. Nilantha Senarthna says:

    I want insurance letter for thanks

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