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Guest Post: Dogspired – A Blog Inspired By Dogs

If you are inspired by dogs, visit Dogspired.

The following post comes from Leslie Brown, the Chief Editor at Dogspired and owner of a rescued Golden Retriever named Tasha. Here she gives us a little information about Dogspired.

Dogspired is a blog inspired by dogs and the people who love them. It has been active on the web for over two years and has made a huge impact on the dog community. We have a fabulous team of writers and editors, as well as a devoted readership that looks forward to our daily entries.

Leslie Brown and her dog Tasha

For information about our team, visit our About Us page.

The topics of the blog vary, but they all have something to do with dogs. For example, we publish dog facts, recent news about dogs, and personal accounts of people who own or rescue dogs. We strive to increase public awareness about dog-related issues.

Among our articles is our mascot, Mac, who wanders around the site making comments and bringing various topics to life.

We also have very active Facebook and Twitter pages, with over a thousand fans on both sites.

Take a look at Dogspired for a voyage into the world of dogs and the love we all share for our canine friends!

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