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Jezebel’s Pet Insurance Testimonial

Pet Name: Jezebel
Treated For: Cancer – Fibrosarcoma
Total Repaid: $15,808.51

jezebel catI have had my Jezebel since she was a 5 month old kitten.  I found her at the Valero gas station on Memorial Drive close to downtown.  She is 7 yrs old now.  I don’t have any kids, so she is MY fur baby.

I got pet insurance almost as a fluke.  I had been thinking about my cat Chelsea that had passed away 10 years ago from lymphoma.  I was at work and Googled pet insurance and then started comparing them.  I decided on Trupanion because they had no deductible and paid 90%.  I didn’t purchase this insurance for regular vet check ups or minor office visits like a little cut on her chin.  I didn’t even send that claim in.   I purchased insurance for worst case scenario. Never did I think I would have to use it.

Six months after I signed Jezebel up with Trupanion my worst nightmare came true.  She was diagnosed with vaccine-related fibrosarcoma on her right hip.  One day she was fine, the next day there was a huge tumor.  It appeared out of nowhere.  She was initially diagnosed at my local vet Jones Road Animal Hospital.  They referred her to Gulfcoast Vet Assoc.’s oncology dept.  I was so scared.  My immediate thought was the insurance is not going to pay for this.  It’s going to be a problem.  I had only been signed up for about six months.  They will say she already had it.  I even asked the vet was it possible that she had this for 6 months and I didn’t notice.  He said no.  I scheduled Jezebel’s surgery and treatments without knowing if Trupanion would pay or not.

I collected Jezebel’s medical records from Jones Road and The Cat Vet Clinic and submitted them to Trupanion.  Teresa Lee was assigned as my claims adjuster.  She left me a voice mail that she would need to review Jezebel’s records prior to approving the claim.  I was scared.  I was sure my claim would be denied and that meant death for Jezebel.  In under 10 days my claim was approved.  I couldn’t believe it was that easy.  And it only got easier from that point.

Jezebel had surgery to remove her leg and part of her pelvic bone the week of July 4, 2010.  After surgery, she started 3x per week radiation on the tumor site and 1x every 3 weeks chemo treatment for the next several months.  I paid my bill, submitted the claim to Trupanion on a Monday and received a check in the mail by Saturday.  Teresa would receive my claim email me and have the check approved all in the same day.  Teresa Lee is a GREAT claim adjuster.  If I could hug her I would.

Jezebel’s medical team was aware from the beginning that she had insurance with Trupanion.  It helped so much that I didn’t have to decide what treatments could and could not be done because they were too expensive.  She received all the treatments that were necessary to cure her.  Jezebel just had her most recent check up in November 2010 and is doing GREAT!!!!!

Dr. Gumpel was her doctor at Gulfcoast that administered the radiation treatments.  He mentioned to me that another client came in with a pet that had cancer and told him they had Trupanion insurance but had never used it.  Of course they were worried like I was that it might not pay.  Dr. Gumpel told him about Jezebel and told him that “I don’t think you have anything to worry about, we have had a very good experience with Trupanion”.

Trupanion saved my Jezebel’s life.  If I had not had the insurance she would not be here today.  Trupanion has paid over $15,000 so far for her treatments.  She is currently cancer free!!!  I can honestly say it has been the best $30 per month investment I have ever made.  I would have been happy to pay $30 per month for the next 20 years and never have had to use the insurance.  I can honestly say I am Trupanion’s biggest fan!  If you have any questions about getting your pet insured with Trupanion feel free to email me.  I will tell you personally about my experience.  I have my kitty.  Thanks Trupanion.

Patricia Harpst
Jezebel’s mom


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