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Keeping Your Dog From Escaping Confinement

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How do you keep your dog confined?

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After being confined for some period of time, your dog may develop the ability to become an escape artist and find ways to get out of various confinements. To prevent that from happening or if your dog has already escaped confinement before, here are a few tips to follow:

If you are using a gate, it is ideal to get one that is sturdy and tall enough to prevent your dog from jumping over it. Pressure mounted gates can wear out the walls that they are pressed against plus some dogs may be strong enough to push them over. Also use a gate that has only vertical bars so that your canine cannot climb their way out.

If you plan to keep your dog in a crate, make sure you get one with a strong spring latch versus one with slide bolt fasteners.

Make sure you help keep your dog from getting bored by including a variety of dog safe chew toys inside the confinement. Rotate the toys on a daily or weekly basis to ensure new and different toys to gnaw on.

What are your tips on confining your dog?

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