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Nail Trimming Tips for Dog Owners

It’s that time of the month again – time to trim the dog’s nails! If you’re like me and choose to take care of this task yourself, then there are a few tips that may help you have a more successful nail-trimming experience with your pet.

These tips are provided in a recent article by the Sun Herald:

  • Use sharp trimmers that are appropriately sized for your dog. You can also use a nail grinder which shortens the nail similar to a file.
  • Hold the paws gently and make sure to praise your dog. Try clipping one nail per day and keep the sessions short and fun. Most dogs will adjust quickly to weekly nail trims. Make sure to reward your dog with a great treat for a job well done.
  • Look at the nail surface – the black dot is the quick. Stop clipping or grinding when you see it. The quick is a vein and clipping it will hurt your dog. Keep styptic powder on hand in case you make a mistake. A dab of the powder will stop the bleeding quickly.
  • Trim the nails weekly, or at the very least monthly. The more frequently you trim your dog’s nails, the more the quick will recede, making it less likely that you will clip it.

Do you have any tips to add?

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