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Needy Dog? Keep Him Busy!

One thing that I’ve learned about bringing Ellie to work is that she has become very needy. Sure, it’s my fault for giving in and petting her every time she pokes my hand with her nose, but it has become somewhat of a challenge for me in finding ways to help her be self-entertained.

Fortunately, Ellie naps most of the day, and I can take her for a 15-30 minute walk during lunch, but for those other times when she’s awake and bored, I have come up with some solutions.

Give them a challenge!

Puzzle toys and other challenging, time consuming tasks for dogs are the best invention ever. There are various dog toys out there in which you can stuff treats or kibble and they present a bit of a challenge for your dog to retrieve his prize.

One of my favorites happens to be the Kong ball with the hole through the center. It just so happens that a Snausage is the perfect width to be wedged into the ball and it takes Ellie about 20-30 minutes to get it out.

Another toy that I like is the Dogzilla bone-shaped toy. It has a large opening on one side which goes all the way through the center to the other side on which there is just a tiny hole. I usually wedge treats in so that they are stuck in the middle part and Ellie has to chew on it and toss it around to break the treats loose.

Do you have any other tips to keep dogs busy?

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