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Office Petiquette: Minimize Distractions

A quiet office pet makes for happy co-workers.

With pets comes distraction. It’s natural and expected. I mean, who can resist giving attention to that cute face? However, the line can quickly become crossed from cute-distracting to unproductive-distracting. As a pet owner that brings a pet to work, it’s important to recognize the difference and work to minimize any office distraction.

There are many ways in which we should respect our co-workers with bringing a pet to work, but today I’m focusing on pet behavior.

Dogs in particular can easily get excited about going outside or a change in scenery. When it’s time to take them outside, or if another dog is going by, then they may become excited, noisy, and boisterous. While this is fine behavior at home, it’s best to prevent it in the workplace. One way to keep your dog from being too noisy on its way outside is a little bit of obedience training and a short leash. With a little bit of time each day, you can train your dog to heal so that he walks calmly by your side, rather than rushing as fast as possible to the door.

A good way to think about how your pet should behave at work is to relate it to what is acceptable behavior for your human co-workers. You wouldn’t run up and down the hall making lots of noise, and you don’t shout because you practice common office courtesy. Practice the same with your pet by keeping him calm when in the office and preventing barking and loud sounds.

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Stacy Kowalchuk is a dog mom to her rescued Whippet-mix, Ellie. During the week, you can find Stacy surfing (the internet, that is) and managing Trupanion's presence in the social media world. In her free time, Stacy likes to bake, especially cupcakes! To balance her culinary affinity, she also likes to stay active, especially with activities that include her dog such as hiking and going to dog parks.

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