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Office Petiquette: Wipe Your Paws

With it being the wet season, be it rain or snow, we all know how much mud and dirt can accumulate on our pets’ paws after going outdoors. The grounds outside of the Trupanion office and especially inside the courtyard are very wet and muddy, and there is much foot and paw traffic in and out of the building. This leaves the potential for a muddy mess!

Muddy dog

If you bring your pet to work, it is good etiquette to make sure that not only is your pet free (or mostly free) of stink, but also that his paws are wiped off before coming inside. Here at Trupanion, we keep a mat by the door to the courtyard and there are usually a few old towels lying around that can be used for wiping. I also suggest that you keep an old towel or rag at your desk for these occasions!

What are your methods of keeping the mud and dirt tracks out of your house or workplace?

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