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Pet Birthday Parties Becoming Popular

The following guest postdog birthday comes from J. Lauren Benton, from

Do you know when your pet’s birthday is? Do you celebrate it like you would a child? If so, then you are among the increasing number of pet owners who celebrate their pet’s birthday.

It’s no longer enough to feed one’s pet homemade food or to take them to posh doggie day care. Now expensive dog birthday parties (complete with dog-friendly birthday cake) at bars and restaurants are becoming all the rage.

According to Mother Nature Network, dog owners in New York City have begun hiring canine party planners, who charge $100 to $500 for events in which owners can rent limos with their dogs. East Village bar Drop Off Service is a popular venue, given its lax attitude towards pets–patrons can imbibe beer while their dogs celebrate with oat and carrot “pup cakes.” Special pet bakeries around the city are also featuring birthday cakes made especially for dogs.

Some people are even spending $500 on canine party planners. Now, for those who have the resources to do this, I say more power to you; your dog deserves just as much love as any child does.

Bur for those whose pockets aren’t as deep, I would suggest a small gathering at home with some treats and your dog will be happy as a lamb.

What is also a great thing about giving a canine birthday party is that none of the “children” will throw fits and stomp around until they get their way. Dogs will simply be happy getting all that attention. They won’t be upset they didn’t get that certain treat they wanted, they will be happy with anything you give them.

That is what’s great about dogs, they are never ungrateful for anything.

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