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Pet Insurance Can Help Ease Pet Ownership Costs

Veterinary Treatment for PetsA recent article on MSN Money titled “Will Your Pet Bankrupt You?” discussed the importance of planning for unexpected expenses related to your pet. The author told of a relative who faced over $16,000 in vet bills after her dog developed a series of serious but treatable conditions. “Luckily, she had bought pet insurance right before the first diagnosis, and most of the bills were covered,” said the author.

Pet insurance is one way to protect your pocketbook against high veterinary costs. No one wants to think that their pet could develop a condition that would end up costing thousands of dollars to treat. But the fact is, one in two pets will face a major healthcare crisis in its lifetime, and it’s important to be prepared.

The article went on to discuss a reader who looked into pet insurance after her dog ingested a rope that blocked her intestines. Treatment included surgery and was extremely expensive. Unfortunately, the owner decided against pet insurance and the dog once again ingested a foreign object that required yet another surgery and more money. That second surgery didn’t have to be such a hit to the owner’s finances – if she had invested in pet insurance, that second surgery most likely would have been covered.

The author says that her point is that pet ownership can be much more expensive than simply the general expense of food, treats, yearly vaccinations, and grooming. Unexpected vet expensese much be factored in and pet insurance can help you save money when disaster strikes.

Read the entire story on MSN here.

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