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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Bloat

Jake is a two-year-old Great Dane who unfortunately recently experienced a case of bloat. This life threatening condition occurs when a dog (typically only larger dogs) eats or drinks too quickly, or is physically active shortly after eating or drinking. Because the food/water has not passed into the intestines and is still sitting in the stomach, there is the chance of the stomach twisting over itself from too much physical activity and blocking off the passageway.

When this condition occurs, it’s imperative to seek veterinary care immediately. Jake’s owner noticed that Jake looked like he needed to vomit, but couldn’t, and that his stomach looked very bloated. She rushed him to the emergency vet. Jake was treated with IV fluids, gastric decompression, and was taken into surgery. He has been recovering well!

Pet insurance claim amount: $7,289.89
Deductible applied: -$0.00
Exam fee: -$0.00
10% co-pay: -$728.99
Trupanion repaid: $6,560.90

If you have a large breed dog, it’s a great idea to consider pet insurance because bloat can happen quickly and unexpectedly and be very expensive!

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2 Responses to Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Bloat

  1. Beth says:

    I keep seeing “amount REPAID” does that mean that you bought an insurance policy for your pet, had to pay the vet and then get reimbursed from insurance co? Doesnt Ins. Co. pay vet?

    • Stacy K. says:

      Yes, pet insurance in the US is indemnity insurance which means you first pay the bill and then submit it to us to be reimbursed. This allows you to visit any licensed veterinarian rather than being limited to a select list.

      If you’re worried about paying for a big vet bill and then having your claim denied, we have a little reassurance for you. At Trupanion, we have a pre-approval process in which you can send in your veterinarian’s estimate of treatment costs to find out in advance whether or not your claim will be approved.
      I hope this helps!

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